We are a Horde social and raiding guild on the Vek’nilash connected realms with Eonar and Blades Edge EU realms.  We are a friendly and committed guild for all players, new or experienced. The guild is run by a team of Many Officers, of which have been playing the game for more years than they would like to admit!, This means we have a wealth of knowledge and experience which is available for all those who need advice.


We have a committed team of members who form the backbone of our raiding team, but we’re always looking for new talent.  The guild is focused on clearing content whilst not forgetting the importance of real life.  Outside of raiding we love to socialise, do transmog runs, relaxing and of course PvP....Hang on a minute we PvP?? Well I never! :)

HC Progression nights are:
Wednesday & Thursday
8.30pm - 10.30pm (Realm Time)

Normal Progression nights are:
8.30pm - 10.30pm (Realm Time)




Fridays and Saturdays are open for guild members to suggest events through an officer 
All events are set to game time to avoid any conflicting time zone confusion.


We accept all classes and roles, although raiding spaces are limited. Information regarding upcoming raids can be found in the in-game calendar.

The guild is exclusive to over-20s. Applications from members under the age of 20 will not be accepted at this time.


The Golden and Silver Axes are helpful, experienced players who are available to help guild members where needed. Please be considerate and remember that we want to play the game too!  

The KMA officers (Golden Axes) are Asham (Ash), Anghmar (Rickard), Daegaroth (Jonah), Phantom (Mitch), Bhlokw(Michiel), Raiju (Heddy), Gyir (Jana), Rinusch (Marinus) Yrsela and Twigged (Elias).


Should you have any guild-related queries, whisper a Golden or Silver Axe in-game or use the website's PM system. Officer alts can be identified by either their Silver Axe rank, or a chat handle common to all their characters in brackets next to their character name.


Joining Kiss My Axe is easy! All we ask is that you read the Guild Rules and complete the application accessible via the link at the bottom of the rules page.  Once we have received and approved your application, an officer will be in touch.